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Andrea Walker

Welcome, thank you so much for your interest in my website Glycans for Life. I am a Mother and Grandmother living in the beautiful south east corner of Queensland, Australia. Glycans for Life is all about exploring new ways for you and the people you care about to lead better, healthier and more fulfilled lives. I am looking forward to you sharing in my research and insights into health and wellbeing via the startling new science of GlycoNutrition.

The other day I read on Twitter that people do business with those they Know, Like and Trust; so before heading off to explore the rest of my site, I hope you will have the time to read on and find out a little bit more about who I am.


Mum, Dad and those good old days

I grew up on an organic farm in Northern New South Wales, Australia. My Dad raised sheep, cattle and crops and like farmers anywhere, was keen to get the maximum yield for his efforts.  In the early days, like everyone else, he used super phosphate and chemicals for dipping and drenching our sheep. It wasn't until I was about 10 years old he became interested in mineral fertilizers as an alternative to chemicals.

In the late 1960's Dad decided to run an experiment, planting two crops side by side, one fertilized with super phosphate and the other with mineral fertilizer. The crop chemically fertilized grew much higher and he thought well there you go, this mineral stuff doesn't work so well. However when he turned the sheep in on the pasture they refused to eat the chemical crop but happily devoured the mineral fertilized crop. 

With proof that healthy soil was the key to producing healthy crops and stock Dad transformed his farming practices and became a pioneer of the Organic Farming movement.  I now know just how lucky my brothers, sister and I were, to live in such a beautiful place and to be raised on the healthy fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, butter and cream from our own cows, and farm raised meat, chicken and eggs.


My Mum loved the outdoor life so we spent a lot of time playing and working outside. We sat in the fruit trees, plucking plums, apricots and apples - eating until we were fit to burst. Mum taught us how to preserve and cook the bountiful harvest and to this day I still love doing this.

It was a great life. Thinking back now I realise how fortunate we were to have had such a healthy start, it has certainly held me in good stead for the trials and tribulations of the fast paced, city bound, modern international life into which I was soon to embark.


Modern life and the daily grind

After completing my schooling I moved onto University, gained my degree in Education and took up a career as a teacher. During this time I married my childhood sweetheart  and we began to build our family. Soon after we took our small family 'on the road' to seek out new opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

We worked hard and grew our family as we moved from one side of the planet to the other living in giant fast paced cities that never seemed to stop. I added another degree in Information Science and enjoyed heading up and managing a busy international school library department. As you can imagine these were both exciting and challenging times for a country girl more used to the rolling farmlands of her youth.

Beyond the joy of meeting new friends from diverse cultures there was also the challenge of managing  this hectic time in our lives to ensure that my family had the same benefits of the healthy and nutritious diet that I had enjoyed growing up. This led to my initial research into dietary supplements and their benefits or otherwise.


I discovered that commercial cropping practices have resulted in depleted soils, increased toxins from chemical sprays, green harvesting and consequently decreased vitamin and mineral content in our foods. I came to understand that to maintain strong, healthy immune systems some form of supplement was required. 


Health and Well Being

After many false starts I finally found something that ticked all the boxes, the new science of GlycoNutrition.  I read widely on Glycans and their positive role in our overall wellbeing and the concept of "Real Food Technology". I was excited that these products were clinically validated to improve function in the human body. This fact complemented by my many years of research and experience with nutrition helped me decide that these products were right for me. The rest is, as they say, history.


By adding Glyconutrients to our diets, I have been able to build health and wellness in myself, my family and others while also generating a healthy income for myself and those around me.

I truly look forward to helping you share in the benefits of the GlycoNutrition revolution.

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