Glycoscience Will Forever Transform the Fields of Medicine and Health

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Glycoscience aims to understand the structure and function of glycans or cell communication; the key to all life,  human, animal and plant. Glycobiology is the study of essential biological sugars, it has increased our understanding of how these sugars are used in the construction, maintenance and repair of our body’s operating system (OS). Did you know you are a new person every seven to ten years? Glycobiology has taught us that stem cells are responsible for cell regeneration. The regeneration timeline for different parts of the human body varies depending on the immune system and apoptosis (genetically programmed cell death). For example, bone marrow and sinew regenerate more quickly than bone. Skin cells live two to three weeks. Sperm cells have a short lifespan of about three days while brain cells usually last a lifetime. In the past, it was thought that neurons in the brain were not replaced when they die, but the evidence is now suggesting they do!  By adding glycans to our diet we improve cell communication, improving the health of the cell adds to the proliferation of stem cells, stem cells repair and regenerate tissue. Stem cell regeneration is so exciting.

JC Spencer, Author and researcher at The Endowment for Medical Research Inc. in Houston, Texas explains in the following article how specific biological sugars/carbohydrates form a multipurpose armour around the human cell, protecting it from its enemies.

“A healthy human cell has great protective armour that helps the cell resist disease. Yet, in desperate attempts to cure the incurable, medical professionals focus on 120,000 human diseases.

1. Evidence-based results must be our focus. A counterfeiter would never study 120,000 bogus $100 bills in his attempt to make high-quality counterfeit money. He would study the perfect bill.

2. Continuing to look at the problem will compound the problem.

3. Dare we take our eyes off the problem and concentrate on the solution?

4. Good armour resists all diseases. This armour protects the DNA inside the cell. The enemy is looking for a chink in the armour. As important as the DNA is to the cell, it does not give the cell life. If the DNA is removed from the cell, the cell may continue to live for awhile but not reproduce. To remove the armour from the cell results in sudden death.

5. Armour of a healthy human cell – Think of the surface of a cell divided into some 800,000 plots with a glycan planted in each plot. Glycans are sugar molecules linked together to form tree-like structures. Glycoproteins are formed from these unique sugar molecules linked to various proteins. This process establishes some 800,000 glycoforms on each healthy cell. When the surface of the cell is heavily populated like a dense forest, there are no docking spaces for viruses or other enemies. The armour shield is intact.

More than just armour – the quality and quantity of glycans and glycoproteins improve the lubrication of blood cells circulating through the body. Statin drugs cannot lubricate cells like nature’s Smart Sugarcoating.
Glycans are responsible for all cell communication. Good communication makes for a healthy cell. Poor communication develops chaos. The glycans, the OS, read and transcribe the DNA that makes everything happen.
Weak corrupted signals alter gene expression lowering the immune system and disrupting hormones. This allows diseases to conquer the cell and take over the body. When the human operating system is optimized – the altered gene expression can be corrected.

6. When it is not – “Elimination of any single major class of glycans from an organism results in death.”

7.Glycosylation and Proliferation of Stem Cells – To improve glycosylation improves the quality and quantity of the glycans. To improve the glycans improve cellular communication. To improve cellular communication improves the health of the cell by optimizing the OS of the cell to more clearly read and transcribe the DNA and improve other functions of the cell. Here is a serendipity that literally puts the icing on the cake – improved glycosylation results in proliferation of stem cells in the human body. Stem cells are natures way to repair tissue.

8. Texas Endowment for Medical Research has no desire to treat or cure any disease. Instead, let us naturally optimize the human OS. The future of medicine is Glycoscience. Skilled doctors of tomorrow will not treat or cure any disease. The healthcare practitioners of tomorrow will improve the glycans, glycoproteins, and glycolipids. I will put it another way – the patients of tomorrow will achieve optimal health when we change from a sickness culture to a wellness culture. To change our approach will change the results.

We are in the early stages of truly understanding the cell and how to effectively glycosylate the cell naturally to improve cellular communication. Does Glycoscience hold the keys to conquering all diseases? I believe it does!”

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