Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Discover a transformative wellness experience through Glyconutrition, the technology that nourishes on a cellular level. Our bodies are complex machines made up of trillions of cells that need to communicate with each other to keep us functioning not only efficiently but at peak performance.  Our cells are programmed for different tasks, for example, they determine the need for nourishment, protection, repair and even destruction.  If we are exposed to adverse factors such as toxins or chemicals, poor nutrition or stress then our cells don't communicate well. With the right kind of nourishment, our bodies can do amazing things.

What are glyconutrients and how do they help nourish our cells and improve cellular communication?

Glycans are saccharides that support Glycoproteins in our bodies. Glycoproteins are a part of cell membranes and support the cells ability to talk to each other. There are eight essential glycans (sugars) that are necessary for our health and proper cell functioning.  All eight are required for our cells to interact and function properly. In short, glyconutrients support the efficiency of all body systems.

What does this actually mean for your health?

It means a lot! Third-party clinical trials have shown that due to improved cellular communication, cognitive function improves. This can lead to better memory and concentration, improved moods so less irritability, improved immune system, support for proper organ function and a more efficient digestive system.

The good news is, there is a dietary supplement available that combines scientifically proven and a standardised blend of plant-sourced Glyconutrients.

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Welcome to the science of Glyconutrition, combining the essence of nature and the life-altering discoveries of science to create an extraordinary collection of premier health and wellness products.If you are keen to optimize your health and wellbeing for yourself or family, let's talk......

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