Strength and Stamina

Strength and Stamina

Achieve the body and fitness you want using the most natural ingredients available, designed, developed and created to support your bodies nutritional needs.

Clinically tested and proven to work, these advanced fitness products are endurance-formulated with powerful, food-sourced nutrients to help you outperform, and look amazing while doing it. Get the edge you're looking for!

Our sports performance products are designed to benefit different levels of activity and all levels of competition. These products provide you with a range of physical and mental enhancements that power you through your workout, or your day's work. They help support post-exercise repair and recovery.

Our Sports performance system includes:

  • Sport with Ambrotose - a blend of herbal extracts and plant-derived nutrients in capsule form, to help support our body’s natural recovery processes and maintain energy.
  • Bounceback - formulated with proteolytic enzymes and phytosterols, BounceBack capsules are designed to provide anti-inflammatory effects and temporary relief from the pain associated with minor injuries.
  • Empact+ - is a safe performance energy drink-mix designed to support pre, intra and post workout routines. It helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity, increases endurance, and aids muscle repair and recovery. Empact+ contains a wide spectrum of beneficial electrolytes for hydration and performance, amino acids to feed muscles, and a combination of 6 Ayurvedic mushroom strains to increase oxygen uptake to muscles.

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