Take care of your Body and it will take care of you: exercise and free radicals

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As a nation, Australians love sport, they love to play sport, they love to watch sport and they love to bet on sport. They love to exercise and they love to venture into the great outdoors. From rugged coastlines to an endless outback, the favourable Australian climate is a great lure to enjoy many activities […]

5 Essential Oils for Wellbeing

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I take my own wellbeing seriously and am responsible for my own health care. One of the tools in my arsenal is essential oils. The natural oils found in plants have been used for centuries to help support our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Here are five that I value highly and always keep […]

How to defend your body against free radicals

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Excellent description of how free radicals are formed and the role of anti-oxidants in neutralising them; from http://bit.ly/2cnvAH2 A guide to free radicals and avoiding an overflow Our body is made of up of billions of cells with complex structures, forms and purposes. Depending on their structure they are able to communicate with other cells and […]