Understanding and Protecting Ourselves From Viruses

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Understanding and Protecting Ourselves From Viruses

At the time of writing this post, the coronavirus outbreak remains an international emergency with over 79,000 cases worldwide. Besides washing hands and restricting travel, what else can we do? What do we know about viruses in general?

The Virus

The virus is a key counterfeiter that can mutate, making it an enemy of human life.

A single virus is a tiny evil commando that doesn’t eat, secrete, or propel itself. It is unable to reproduce without the aid of a living cell. Viruses consist of tangled protein with an RNA code.

It has one capability with which to accomplish its mission – impregnate its RNA seed into a weak living cell that does not have the strength or ability to resist. The virus implements its evil plan by communicating to the cell,

“Don’t reproduce yourself. Reproduce me. Here is my DNA.”

Viruses seize key positions on the surface of the cells.

Some viruses attack and disable their victims with cruel speed while others take years to harm their host.

A virus can lie in wait until your immune defences are lower.

Your Operating System

Just like a computer has an Operating System to process data, so too does your body. It is light years ahead of the design of the fastest manmade computer.

The ‘OS’ oversees and directs the production of your ever-changing body chemistry. Using your DNA some 50 to 100 billion new cells are manufactured every day.

When the ‘OS’ of your computer is corrupted, your computer is dysfunctional. Likewise, when the ‘OS’ of your body is faulty, your DNA processes errors which produce corrupted unhealthy cells. Fortunately, Biological sugars that are used in the construction of your OS are key to healthy cells.

Glycans and Glycoproteins

Healthy glycans and glycoproteins protect the cell from harm. Glycans and glycoproteins are the gatekeepers of the cell. When they are on guard, they keep the enemy out. They literally form a shield around the cell.

A healthy cell has between 800 thousand and 1million highly active protective radio frequency transponders defending the cell.


To form glycans or increase the number of glycans on the surface of cells is called “glycosylation.”

Improving cell communication by glycosylation was once considered impossible. Now, science has proven beyond a doubt it is not only possible but necessary.

Glycosylation and verification of the increase of the quantity and quality of glycans on the surface of cells is called “Optimizing Glycosylation.” Optimal glycosylation optimises communication and prevents harmful bacteria and viruses from having a docking station on the cell.

Adding these biological sugars to your diet seems prudent and wise. They strengthen immune system function thus improving your body’s ability to defend and protect itself.

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Source: www.GlycoscienceWhitepaper.com A whitepaper by JC Spencer 2014



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