What does a healthy immune system look like?

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This has been a question I have been asking myself for a while now and here is my simple explanation on this vastly complex topic.

Firstly, does it mean never getting sick? Is it okay to have occasional colds or flu?

Some people believe if we are truly healthy we won’t get sick at all while others believe even though they have a very serious illness, that their immune system is pretty good. I believe it is okay to get sick occasionally, getting sick is like exercise for your immune system. Every time our immune system fights off an infection on its own without suppression or drug interference, our immune system gets stronger. Our immune system makes more antibodies specific to the particular infection it is fighting. This allows our army of defences to get bigger, stronger and more effective. A healthy immune system should be able to fight off an infection in a few days or certainly less than a week. If we are getting sick for longer periods and more than once per season then there is a problem with our immune system and we need to work on strengthening it.

Sometimes we get a few sniffles, a sore throat, or a day where we feel very tired. If we are listening to our body we can recognize the imminent threat and support our immune system with extra sleep and nutrition to fight off the virus before it takes hold. Being able to do this is a sign of a strong immune system.

How does a Healthy Immune System operate?

Our immune system has three clear roles; to defend, to clean and repair and to rebuild. In order for it to perform effectively and accurately, our immune system needs to be able to identify self from non-self. It does this by detecting glycoproteins on the surface of all cells. These glycoproteins allow proper communication and identification of self and foreign invaders or rogue cells. When cells are fully glycosylated they recognize virus or bacteria and send out the army to defend and destroy. Our immune system also needs to recognize when our body needs to clean and repair. Wounds require the immune system to take quick action to stop the bleeding and start healing. How quickly you heal is another indicator of the health of your immune system. Of course, cells are constantly dying and need to be removed from the body and at the same time, our immune system is busy rebuilding new cells. How well we do all this depends on the health of our immune system.

What Can We Do To Boost Our Immune System

There are lifestyle changes we can make to boost our immune system. Quitting smoking, minimizing alcohol, exercising and getting adequate sleep are all key. However one of the most important things we can do is to maintain a nutritious diet. It’s essential to ensure we get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, carbs and fats. Most importantly we need to include foods that contain glycans to ensure proper cellular communication and functioning of our immune system. Eat as fresh and as organically as you can and consider supplementing to give your body the optimal opportunity to heal itself.  I’m passionate about living a healthy life and love to help others do the same. A healthy body is key to living your best life and supporting your body naturally has no negative side-effects, only positives. When we fuel our body with the nutrients it needs, it can heal itself. If you’d like to know more about how to incorporate the best food based, non-synthetic, glyconutrient supplements available on the planet then feel free to contact me for a chat. I’d love to help you.



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